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Richmond Avenue - Gas Works Spring 2024

As the works take place, this page will be updated with key information shared with us. 

Please be aware there will be no access for cars for the duration of time that the works are being carried out, unless you live down Richmond Avenue. 

24th Februrary 2024

The works have now begun and are progresing steadily down the road from the Caufield end.

Please be aware that at some points through the day, the road may appear open from the St Andrews end but it is not through access and will likely require U-Turns or reversing up the road - please do not attempt to drive down the road at any time from St Andrews Road. 

PHASE TWO - works nearer the school (WB 28th January)

It is highly likely from WB 29th January that the works will be close to or outside parts of the school. To ease the level of parents and children moving around the works safely, from Monday 29th January.

ALL NURSERY CHILDREN should be dropped off and collected via the back entrance to the school, in the Baptist Church Car park. 

Whilst this stage takes place, the car park will be closed to cars until after 8.45am each morning so it is safe for families to walk through with their children. Please do not try to drive into the car park to drop off your children. Please enter the site via the pedestrian gate on Thorpedene Gardens (where staff will be visible) and walk to the back gate where Nursery staff will be to meet your children each day. 

Nursery staff will also see your children out these same gates at 11.30 / 12.30 / 3.30 as appropriate each day. 

UPDATE (WB 12/02/2024):

Now that the works have passed the school gates, Nursery children will be returning to entering and exiting through the front gates as usual.

Richmond Avenue will be closed to cars from Monday 22nd January 2024

Please see below information shared with us from CADENT regarding the upcoming gas works at Richmond Avenue and the impact on access to the school road. 

Please scan the QR code to download and play the Minecraft game that was designed for our school! Just follow the instructions below to gain full access:

  1. Scan QR code below and download ‘Minecraft Education’ via the link on the page
  2. Once downloaded, scan the QR code again, this time click ‘Lets Go’
  3. This will open up the ‘pre game quiz’ for the children to complete on their knowledge of road safety before playing the game
  4. Once submitted there will be a link to download the module with the school game in
  5. To access the full game children will need to input a school email address
  6. For your child this will be their PurpleMash user followed by (eg.
  7. This will allow your child access to play the full road safety game on the Education platform