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Richmond is rated as a 'Good' school by Ofsted.

The full report can be read by clicking the link below.

The visit from February 2022 states: 

Pupils enjoy coming to this welcoming and caring school, and said that they feel safe. They embody the school’s values of being kind, safe, responsible and enjoying learning. Pupils, including children in the early years, benefit from ambitious leadership.
Pupils learn to treat everyone with care and respect. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, and know that protecting people’s feelings and beliefs is important. Pupils said that bullying is rare. They praised how staff take concerns seriously and act quickly when they arise. Pupils behave well in lessons. They listen carefully to adults and this helps them to learn.
Pupils know a lot about what they are currently learning in many of their subjects. They also remember a large amount from some of the topics they have learned before.


The ofsted website can be accessed directly by clicking here